I have been de-cluttering the possessions in my life, and on the last but one section, cassette tapes, I discovered something about myself.

announcer-316587_1280The tape was from many years ago and though I knew I had been dedicated in reaching my goals, I didn’t realise how much that dedication had paid off.

A Blast from the Past

The tape was a singing demo. At the time I desperately wanted to continue working in Musical Theatre, and though my goals have shifted, hearing it made me realise that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. To my utter surprise I realised that my 20 year old singing voice was good. Really good. And it is only now after over a decade that I can hear it. That’s what perspective does I guess.

Time to Share.

sparkler-677774_1280When I record myself singing now, I have learned to not judge too much. I just do it, improve what I can, and send it out to the world. I have learned that when you have just created something you probably won’t have much perspective, so you may as well just make stuff and share it now, otherwise you may never do so.

Learning Kindness

So what did I learn from this singing voice of my past? To be more kind to myself. Not to nit-pick at everything I do. Just accept, and be kind.

girls-462072_1280I feel this is something we humans (myself included) could be better at doing. We seem to be very good at putting ourselves (and sometimes others) down. We can easily judge ourselves, friends, family and even, or especially, strangers. And what do we know? How can we judge other people and make sweeping conclusions when we usually can’t even understand or really see ourselves.

So I figure the best thing to do is to be kind. To everyone and that definitely includes you. The maker, the doer, the human.

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