Tania has worked as a dancer for stage, film & television.

She continues to perform in a variety of genres such as Tap, Contemporary Dance, Lindy hop, & Bollywood.




  • Sister/Dancer, BOMBAY GOLD, Watch This Space: National Theatre, Kuljit Bhamra
  • Dancer, CELEBRATE SINATRA, Swing Time Jivers, Maxine Green
  • Dancer, THE GLENN MILLER ORCHESTRA UK, Swing Time Jivers, Maxine Green
  • Dancer, BOLLYWOOD STEPS, Nutkhut, Simmy Gupta
  • Dancer, R & D, Balbir Singh Dance Company, Balbir Singh
  • Flamenco Dancer, SOUNDS OF SPAIN, Royal Opera House, Sonia Dorado

TV & Film

  • Lindy Hop Dancer, THE HALCYON, ITV, Paul Harris
  • Featured Lindy Hop Dancer, OPENING CEREMONY, London Olympics, Danny Boyle
  • Featured Dancer, KATY BRAND’S BIG ASS SHOW, ITV2, Sam McAvoy
  • Featured Charleston Dancer, PARTY LIKE IT’S 1920, BBC, Warren Hayes
  • Featured Lindy Hop Dancer, PARTY LIKE IT’S 1940, BBC, Warren Hayes
  •  Featured Jazz Dancer, CROOKED HOUSE FILM, Paul Harris
  • Featured Dancer, AYUTHAM BOLLYWOOD FILM, C TV Productions, M A Murugesh