At the end of June, I did something brave. I’d decided to create an act that included singing, ukulele and…. dancing.
Yes, all in one song! And I did. I performed said act at St Leonards Festival.

Getting introduced as Cherry T!

After I had finished my set someone told me I was brave for doing all three things together. My immediate reaction was ‘ha! if only they knew what emotions I’d been through this week!’ But of course, the emotional roller coaster leading up to the event was exactly the thing that did make me brave.

Without fear, you don’t need bravery. I don’t need to be brave when I get up and brush my teeth. It’s not a scary thing to me, so it doesn’t require any courage or mental strength.

Performing my new act, however, was a tad scary… and therefore did require a huge heap of bravery from my part. And when the day finally arrived, of course, I was brave. I just got on with it and did it. Much like the act of brushing my teeth but with a lot more excitement, adrenaline, focus, and energy!

My point is this: that we can’t begin to see how brave we can be until we do the things that scare us.

Then, we get to see our wonderful strength.

Ps. If you want to see the performance have a look here… Cherry T Jazz


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