There are a few ways I interpret this statement…

Do what you LOVE

is the first thing I see.  Self-explanatory.

Do WHAT you love

is the next. What’s your passion, what alights you makes you feel totally alive? Find it…

Do what YOU love.

graphite-670990_1920Finding your true loves and passions in life can be tricky. We live in a world full to the brim of ideas, people’s opinions, society’s preconceptions, and ways to conform by walking the already trodden path. All of these things are engrained in us, to the point that we often can’t hear our own inner voice. But it is there still, singing quietly. We just have to find some space and quiet to connect with it. And finally,

DO what you love.

Once you have located WHAT, YOU, LOVE, you have to DO it. There is no progress to be made by thinking I will….when…..I have time….space….money… have grown…. retired. We have to take action and do it now. Today. This week. One step at a time!

Step by Step

20150318_113043This poignant mug was given to me by my most favourite human on planet earth, and receiving it meant more to me than they probably could have guessed. To me it means, I support you, whatever it is you love to do. It means find what you love. It means go and do it. And it means I will be here for you while you create your uncertain road, step by curious step.

Daily Dose

And this mug continues to represent more to me every day that I use it (and I always choose to wash it and re-use it for every beverage, despite having a multitude of other mugs to choose from!) Sip by sip, it is my daily reminder to keep on track and keep focused on what I want to do. To keep digging to find what I want, and to keep listening out for that quiet little tune humming inside me. To keep on, however difficult, scary or overwhelming, or impossible I imagine it might be.


Because of course it might be none of those things. There is all the chance in the world that path-creating is exciting, wonder-full, fulfilling, possible and doable.

Who knew a mug could mean so much?
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