Not so long ago I was having a glum day. Moping around, asking myself the usual thing I asked on my mopey days…. ‘What am I doing with my life?’

Now the way I asked this was never proactive, it was all doom and gloom-fuelled. More of a rhetorical question; I was never expecting there to be an answer. It was merely another way to moan at myself and continue my I-need-fixing mind game. I huffed and sighed my way through the day and finished it off with a nice rum to complete my wallowing.

A New Dawn

When the next morning arrived I awoke and lay for a moment, paused between dreaming and thoughts, and then, I still do not know what drove me to do it, I got up, went to my phone, clicked youtube and looked for a fitness video I had done once in the past. I pressed play without even thinking or changing out of my pajamas. Before I knew it I was moving, lifting my legs and following Daniel, a London-geezer fitness instructor. Once we began sprinting I thought it was probably time to change into more appropriate workout gear, or at least put on a bra! I paused the video, changed, and continued until the finish line.

That day I felt so much better. Like I had kicked out some of my negative thoughts.

Keep on Moving

When the next day came I did the same thing. Up, dressed, pressed play, moved my body. And so it continued, day after day. I could feel the mental benefit of kicking my own butt first thing in the morning. It was changing my days, it was changing my mindset. 

It has now been two months since I joined the Team Body Project program and this one daily activity is changing me. I am feeling stronger and braver. Like I can tackle my problems and go for the things I really want in my life.

And I didn’t give in when it started getting tough…..

After about three weeks of daily workouts (and weekly rest days), I found myself getting very wiped out. My energy was low. So instead of packing it all in, I looked for a solution, because I could feel how much it was benefiting me. I looked at my diet and made improvements. And now this is how I am dealing with all areas of my life. I am becoming a better problem solver and working my way towards better habits that make me feel, and in turn be, more powerful. I am facing things that used to scare me because the power and strength I feel during my morning workouts lingers throughout my day, and I can use that strength when things start to unnerve me.

Yes, there are physical benefits too of course. I am becoming more defined, but the reason I like this is that it reminds me of the journey that I am on. And so, I continue.

What’s left to say? Try it. Find a way that suits you to get moving your body daily, to push your boundaries physically and watch how you grow mentally too. 
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