I have been lucky enough to experience many of my dreams. However as I’ve fulfilled them, my goals and dreams have shifted. I have had to to catch up with myself and change my aims. And catching up can take time!
Whose dream is it?

woman-546207_1280We can’t necessarily follow other people’s paths and dreams; they may not fully work for us. So we need to learn about ourselves to find out exactly what we want. We need to search for what it is we love about the things we love. Specifics = Clarity.

Finding yours…

I am in the process of finding new ways to do what I love and am creating new dreams to fulfill. During this search I have come across this great picture.


Picture thanks to Ask Ms. Dorothy

I have had a go at doing my own version. It took me a while and a few attempts. It’s a great exercise to break down each section in detail and gain some clarity about yourself. For example, I can easily write ‘dancing’ in each section but it didn’t do much in the way of enlightening me! However when I was more specific with the details, e.g I get paid for performances, I love learning/ moving/ improvising, I am great at creating/ imagining. I started to get somewhere.

Fancy the challenge?

Draw some circles, have a think and give it a go. Let me know if it enlightened you in any way! This task certainly taught me a lot. Right I’m off to do it again 😉

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