I was never the type to even think of going to a Reiki session, I just didn’t really know what it was. But after my also sceptical partner unexpectedly had a life-changing session I immediately wanted to give it a go. I went along hoping that the reiki healer would give me a big epiphany – as she had for my partner. But of course, these events never go as expected…

As I lay on the bed, and she began hovering her hands over me, I let myself relax. When her hands came over my forehead (aka the third eye) I began to see purple. I figured she had turned on a spotlight in the room. Then she moved over to my throat and I saw blue – all with my eyes perfectly closed. Then the blue stayed in my vision and became surrounded by the purple shade of earlier, where it created an arc around the blue spot.

‘What a lovely colour-changing light she has!’ I was thinking. I imagined it was slowly rotating around the room. As she continued her hand-hovering over each chakra (which by the way, I had no idea what they were before this day) the colours stopped appearing. 

‘Perhaps the light isn’t facing my anymore’ I assumed…

The rest of the session was calming, but there was nothing else to report. At the end she asked me how I found it and because I thought the colours were from a lightbulb, I didn’t mention them. I also didn’t want to influence what she said to me. (yes, ever the sceptic) And remember, I was hoping for a life-altering epiphany from her, a nugget of wisdom, that would ‘fix’ me forever.

But she didn’t.

Instead, she told me that she had felt an incredible amount of energy in my hands and feet. As well as at the throat and the third eye –  as if they were trying to communicate with each other. (If you have made the connection already, well done! I certainly hadn’t)

She also threw in that I could become a reiki master if I so wished…..!?!
My thoughts were as follows…

After the session, I waited whilst my partner helped her with a computer issue. As I sat there pondering the relevance of my energetic throat, feet and hands – in regards to my desire of sharing my voice in life – I noticed that her uniform had a picture of a lady sat meditating with the chakra colours from the root (hips) to the crown (head).

Then I connected!
Those were the colours I saw!
In the exact places she mentioned, the chakra places!

My mind was reeling…. ‘But I don’t believe in things like this… Things that aren’t obviously visible… or scientific… WHAT is going on?’

I waited for a suitable (ish) gap in their computer conversation, then I told her what I had seen. The purple over my third eye and the blue at my throat. I mentioned that I thought she had a changing, spinning light in her room, which obviously she found most amusing. And she was very unfazed that I had seen colours.

I left wondering about the meaning of all these things…
We can’t see or explain everything…
Maybe I ought to be more open-minded towards beliefs and the subtler realms…

And perhaps, that session had been a bit life-changing after all.

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