There are a couple of ways we can push ourselves and step out of our comfort zone.

How? And how far?!

swimming-pool-594204_1280We can take a big leap straight into the deep end hoping to tread water and float. This can of course be terrifying and overwhelming – even if we stay afloat.

Or we can be gentle with ourselves and step calmly – if a bit nervously – into the shallow end and take it a step, and kick at a time, easing our way into the depths of our goals.

Personally, I opt for the latter option.

Little and Rewarding

Stepping out of our comfort zone can be scary. But if we do it with kindness to ourselves it can be a very rewarding way to grow and push our boundaries.

14929399639_7e5eb9f75b_kI believe the aim of pushing boundaries is not to scare ourselves silly, potentially making us run back to our comfort zone for good, never to return to our challenge.

I think the aim is to feel just a little bit of excited (and manageable) fear and then do it anyway. The rewards of these little steps can be huge, not only will we have achieved something new, we feel more powerful and braver than before, giving us confidence to take other manageable brave steps in whatever direction we choose.

Gently does it

I have tested various ways of leaving my comfort bubble and for me, I like the gentler version, stepping slightly out of my bubble, knowing it is just one little step away from my safe area and that I can step calmly back when I need to re-centre myself. Of course, my version of a little gentle step, or big giant leap will differ to yours, so take of note of what feels right for you, but  DO take a step!

feet-619399_1280The path to our goals is interesting, so we may as well enjoy every little inch of it! Let’s take our time, feel the excitement and embrace the new adventures, step by step.

What’s wonderful is that our comfort zones will keep expanding as we push its boundaries further and further! So we may need to re-asses our dreams and goals as we go and grow. Marvellous.

What am I exploring?

I am currently exploring this gentle method in the revival of my singing life. I will be singing with MyCoolKing Choir, directed by the very lovely Mike King, at the Southbank Centre Chorus 2015 Festival. The performance is this Easter weekend and I am very excited (mixed with a healthy dose of adrenaline) to have a little solo to sing.

microphone-482250_1280This wonderfully supportive choir is the perfect place to push myself to sing alone again and grow in confidence towards my goals. Every time we rehearse I am blown away with how brave people are as they choose to step up and sing a solo. Each of us nervous to take the microphone, but we do, and we sing. And with a room full of supportive energy the task is so much more manageable!

Likewise, when I teach dance I aim to create a safe space for people to learn and challenge themselves. There is no judgement, only encouragement, leaving space for people to grow and reconnect with their bodies.

What about you?
What steps will you take?

More thoughts…

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2 thoughts on “How to Step out of your Comfort Zone

  1. Hi Tania, as you know my journey over the last few years has been about finding my voice and stepping into the spotlight. Not just in terms of performing but with life in general. I want to hide away less and let people know I am here. I will be reading one of my poems at an open mic night in April!

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