Dear Readers,

I am in need of some peer pressure. I have written before about the power of accountability and I am again in need of some. This time though I’d like it from you…

Bravery Vs Fear

angel-624737_1280I keep on wanting to take myself to my local and very friendly open mic, then when it comes to the day I find myself a very convincing ‘reason’ why today is not the right day. These ‘reasons’ vary but are always just good excuses to avoid the fear I will feel when I sit in front of people and a mic, alone with my Ukulele and my voice.

The Plan

microphone-482263_1280The next open mic is on Wednesday the 23rd September and I would like as many people as possible to comment below so I know this has been read. My plan is that the more people I know are expecting me to be brave and turn up, the more likely it is that I’ll want to show my bravery to you. That’s the power of accountability.

Why Do it?

Bravery is the whole point of this blog. When we step out of our comfort zones we grow, we learn, and we experience life. When we don’t we can get complacent and stagnant. I wholeheartedly believe in growth and pushing boundaries so I know I must do what I say! And I will. Especially with your lovely support.

So feel free to leave a word or two of encouragement below and I thank you hugely in advance. And if you have anything you want to do, and need some accountability in return, let me know!
Let’s all just do it.

Right, I’m off to practice my set…

Update: I have now attended two open mics and I completely survived the experience. The hardest part was getting myself out of the house the first time. The thought of doing things never quite matches up to the experience!


2 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. Hi Tania,

    If you are looking for accountability I am your man!

    The worst thing that can happen is that you do something that you want to do. Perhaps you can set yourself some goals but not goals relating to how “well” you are going to perform. Instead set yourself some learning goals, what do you want to get from the experience that you can take with you into the future. Also, see your audience as a group of individuals rather than a mass of people, be aware of your connection with them, it’s not all about you. What other people think of you is none of your business!

    Happy to have a chat if you wish.

    The only way you will do it is by doing it. No judgement, no regrets.


  2. Super thank you David. I want to enjoy the experience, to share music and feel free to play and sing in my life. No agenda about how ‘good’ to be as it’s not the motivation for me, though my past self likes to pop up and tell me differently occasionally 😉 Also every person’s view of ‘good’ is totally different. So I know it’s not worth focusing on that! Thanks for checking in with me.

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