We all know that our society rates youth and beauty highly. The message is plastered everywhere. And I know why the advertisers do it; accepting grey hairs and wrinkles won’t sell hair dye and skin cream. So that’s no good for them right? But what is it doing to us? (Apart from making our wallets lighter)

What about our self-esteem? What about accepting everything we are? What about having respect for those that have travelled the road of life before us? What about not trying to ‘achieve’ everything while we are still ‘young’? What about growing and learning? About the wisdom and skill that comes with experience?

Why don’t we start celebrating wrinkles and grey hairs as a badge that we are still here, alive and kicking! Why are we hiding from age and always wishing to stay youthful?

Two reasons to be happy about ageing.

1- You’re alive. We can not change that fact that we age. We do. We all do and damn it, it’s sooooo much better than the other option! If you are reading this, yes you are getting older and hooray, because that means you are indeed alive. Awesome. Well done you!

2- Youth is not all that. You might ponder how great life was ‘back then’ but just think how much you have learned, experienced and lived. (If you feel you haven’t lived or experienced enough, take this as a kick up the bum. Go do something that makes you happy. It’s never too late!)

And one more thing; in our youth, don’t most of us get caught up in looking good and proving our intelligence or skills to others? That is just plain exhausting.

Personally, I wouldn’t go back a day.

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