Congratulations! Level Unlocked!

super-1138462_1920Reaching a new level of ability can be exciting, scary and intimidating, but really it’s just plain great. It means you’ve unlocked a new level to conquer – like unlocking a new level of Super Mario. It means you are ready to face the challenge ahead, whereas perhaps it wasn’t the right time for you before.

The Challenge

I recently up-sized my instrument from a baritone ukulele to an electric guitar! What followed was a journey of emotions beginning, of course, with the excitement of the choosing and buying. Once the initial excitement wore off it was back to the regular daily practice of scales and re-learning chords for my songs.

Then I hit the wall. door-1559534_1920The wall of difficulty, impatience and disappointment. I had this stunning instrument and I wanted to do it justice, instead I was playing messy scales and inaccurate chords.

Now as a dancer, I know how much practice and dedication learning a skill takes (see my post: the myth of talent) yet I still forget at times and instead get frustrated. I guess it’s a natural thing, and spurs us on to be better and practice more!

The Process of Progress

bridge-1082117_1920We learn, we move up a level, then BAM. We feel like we’re a beginner again. Of course this is a wonderful thing really, it means we are pushing onward and forwards, always growing, never stagnant. It’s brilliant and it’s exactly how I wish my life to continue.

Developing is part of the fun.

And this is why I write this blog.
To keep that in focus.

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