Recently I have written (but not yet shared!) some of my thoughts on spiritual activites. I guess I have yet to share them because it feels a bit scary to let it be read. But I also want to, in case it helps someone. 

Usually, I lean towards the unbelieving side of such matters. It’s strange for me to have a belief for things that I can’t really see or feel. Though of course I know we can’t see very much in terms of the magnificent universe we live in. How can we, when we are just living as this human-sized being?  

Staying Open

Saying all this, occasionally events happen in my life that make me question, make me remember how much I don’t know, and that perhaps I could be more open-minded towards the unexplained. And even though I am still part sceptic, and may always be, I find I become more and more understanding of people’s different perspectives as time passes.

On this journey of life, I have chosen some ‘spiritual’ practices like meditation, yoga, crystals and oracle cards. I love the time spent connecting to my inner-knowing, because we are the only ones that know our answers. 

So coming soon will be a blog series of my recent discoveries. From Reiki to auras, and my love of crystals and oracle cards. 

Freedom in uncertainty

Realising that we can’t know anything for sure is kind of freeing, if you let it be so. It means it doesn’t matter what we choose to believe –  there is no prize for guessing correctly – although, perhaps there could be 😉 It means we are free to choose whatever works for us. Whatever feels good and lights us up. And what works today, may not work next month, so we can choose to explore new ways again. We all need comfort and belief in something, be it in values, people, religion or energy. In the end, I wonder if it’s all the same thing…

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