I have always been fascinated by crystals. I used to frequently pass a wonderful crystal shop and always let myself been drawn into the place, happily picking up sparkly colourful gems and of course, purchasing many. At the time I didn’t know anything about the idea of what each crystal represented, I just knew that the earth produced them, they were stunning and I loved them.

Many years later, I decluttered my possessions – and most of my crystals didn’t make it through. But recently, I have found myself coming back to the glittering magic stones… And along the way, learning about the meanings crystals can have. 

I have found joy and comfort in a few special stones and I now use a few to remind me of how I want to treat myself and others. 

These three crystals I use regularly, as reminders for the following…

  • Rose quartz = Unconditional love, Compassion & Forgiveness.
    I have a rose quartz flower necklace to remember that with self-love, we bloom. 
  • Black Tourmaline = Grounding, Balancing & Protecting.
    I wear a bracelet daily to remind me to stay grounded and centred.
  • Striped Carnelian = Creativity, Confidence & Passion.
    I’ve a chunky necklace to remind me that I have the power within me to get my visions done.

So they are the ones that are sticking with me for now.

But do I really believe that rose quartz has a vibration of love? Probably not, though now that I’ve made a loving and self-caring association with my beautiful pink crystal, I have made it so.
I think therefore I am.
And so it is. 🙂 






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