when I spent a day with performance artists and the Cluster Bomb Collective
Endurance Tasks are Enlightening

forest-336496_1280At first I was skeptical, I must admit. ‘Do your action for 15 minutes’ was the instruction. ?!? ‘What? That’s FOREVER!’ I thought. And it’s true, it was a long time, at first…. However only in the last few minutes of the task did I make actual discoveries in my movement that I would never have done otherwise. Digging a little deeper takes time, and it turns out that it’s worth the patience and focus.

Everything is Unified/ All is Connected

hands-600497_1280When we began to work towards the performance sharing for later that evening, I put my movement ideas together from the tasks of the day. After coming up with two phrases I realised that despite each phrase being created from different ideas (man-made structures v water), the feeling in the movement was so similar that they could look almost identical.

A nice reminder to myself that we are spawned from the universe, all things are atoms just doing their thing.

Anything Goes

thumb-422558_1280Try anything. All is accepted, and only by trying things do we find out what will work.

So a big thanks to everyone who attended that day and to the lovely Cluster Bomb crew, Alicia and Sebastian, for making it happen.

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