I took myself to the sea for lunch one day, where I learned two life lessons from a woman I didn’t even speak to. Here’s what I observed…

1. Age ain’t nothin but a number

While I sat on the beach eating my sushi wrap, a very mature lady began walking towards the waves in a hot pink floral swimsuit. She started to wade into the water and as each wave hit her midriff I was worried, though she was clearly having fun. The waves looked too big and powerful against her frail-looking body. But she kept on, persisting through each wave, and she walked her way into the sea.

Meanwhile, I was looking around the beach to see if anyone else seemed as concerned as me, then as I looked back out to sea, I saw a big wave approaching her. I was fixated, waiting to see what would happen. Then I saw her dive right under the wave! She dove down, swam through it and came out the other side. Repeatedly she did this, on and on, till she was clear of the waves, swimming in the beautiful calm blue sea.

There is a metaphor in there somewhere. Which leads me to…..

Lesson 2

When a big wave of life is heading your way and you can see it coming, what do you do? How do you handle it? Brace against the impact? Try to out run it?

Or find a new way? Dive right under and clear out the other side?

Think outside the box. Think under the wave.

And NEVER stop moving!

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