Aiming for perfection can leave us feeling frustrated or stuck. Scared to make a move for fear of not reaching our ‘perfect’ ideals. But what is ever perfect? How are we defining it? And would we be more productive and happier if we just got on and did our thing?

ballet-542170_1280As a dancer I still catch myself occasionally being distracted by trying to do moves so perfectly and well placed that I end up not able to really dance them. It’s always so much better when I have a freer mindset of trying, learning, experimenting and just being.

And in any case, what is this perfect move I imagine I’m aiming for? Is it something my body can even do? Or something I have seen someone else’s body do?

When I teach my adult ballet class I encourage people to move using their personal capabilities, and to encourage freedom in movement expression. It’s always a great reminder for myself too!

Just Doing It

Recently I have been totally inspired by (and a bit addicted to) all the BBC’s creative programmes of late. (I don’t have a TV so iplayer is my default ‘station’ when I fancy watching something) There have been a myriad of programmes from people sewing and dancing to baking and painting.

brush-96240_1280What I love about these programmes is that it’s people doing what they love. I like that the aim is often not about being perfect, it is about getting up there and doing it.

If we all waited to be perfect at something we would never even begin. No one would ever share anything. There would always be another bit of paint to add, or a bit more icing to place on the cake. Instead we are embracing people just doing it!

To Try, or Not to Try

Personally, I have always fancied sketching, having a notebook to hand and capturing something of interest. However, I have always stopped myself from drawing because I am not good at it. But Doh! I’m not good at it because I never try to do it!

(you will be please to know I recently bought myself a sketch book and set of good pencils to have a go – perhaps with the help of some you tube tutorials…)

Perfect Imperfection

20150402_123448To me the brilliant thing about not aiming for perfection is remembering that all art/creations/performances are a snapshot of you and your vision in that current moment. And seeing as right now is a totally splendid time, I reckon that means your artistic reflection of this moment is pretty impeccable as well! Perfect 🙂

Happy creating/making/doing….

Feel free to post below what you love to do in your own imperfectly perfect way 😉

And if you want some inspiration the BBC have launched a year long campaign to encourage people to Get Creative Check it out, it’s lovely!

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