Gain, gain, gain.

learn-963317_1920Whether it be learning to paint, picking up a new instrument or starting adult ballet class, when we know little or nothing about a subject, we have nothing to lose, only plenty to gain.

But much more than that, being a beginner can fill us with wonder and awe. What better way to re-connect with our inner child than to feel that astounding, eye-widening wonder?

Old & New

sylvester-970863_1280Personally I have started re-appreciating all these recent fireworks in the sky thanks to seeing a toddler’s face so full of amazement at this brand new experience.

And that’s the other thing. When we engage in new adventures we begin to see old things in new lights, with new fresh eyes, helping us to appreciate what we already have or acknowledge when things have had their time.

Everything helps Everything

narrative-794978_1920Embrace the wonder of all things new (and old) as well as the stumbles along the way. The more we practice getting up after we trip the better we will be at getting back on our feet in other tasks. And seeing as I believe  that everything we learn helps everything we do, then I think practising anything will make our lives that bit better. That bit more colourful. That bit more exciting. So revel in newness.

And make mistakes. That’s how we find magic…

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